As of the first publication of this blog I’m not divorced. Going on three years, more than $50,000 wasted….and I can’t get away. I can’t remove him from my 401(k), I can’t file “single” on my taxes, I can’t get re-married (though he has – yes, it’s bigamy)…because I’m not legally divorced. This blog tells the story of my chaos and survival.

If you’re here, you are likely embroiled with a sociopath or know someone who is. An estimated 4% of the population are sociopaths; Venus fly traps preying on the other 96% of us – until we hurt enough to rescue ourselves. Why? See Grace vs. Abuse Blog about that. My wish is that you join me to write, heal, and share your story.

Thanks to my memoir class instructor and peers for starting me on this path, and my family, friends, and supporters all over the United States who have prayed for and encouraged me.

p.s. – Since you’re reading this in the future, am I divorced by now?  I hope so.